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Advertisements are a very big part of every product’s promotions, and that is why companies always try to make an advertisement that is well made, and it can be watched multiple times by the target audience. Needless to say, there have been several advertisements that were so good that they helped in record sales of the product. These advertisements became very popular, and the characters in these advertisements became fan favorites

These characters are considered ad icons, and they are the primary reason behind a product’s huge sales. There have been a lot of characters that were liked by kids, some were liked by teenagers, and some by adults. Many of these characters are animated, and they are created specifically for kids. There are several live-action characters too, and they have received equal acclaim and popularity. 

The Funko POPs and party supplies of these characters are in huge demand. The list of such characters includes ad icons like Selena, Barney Rubble, Fred Flintstones, Bozo the clown, Patty Jenkins, George Washington, Brutus Buckeye, and several other icons. If you are a fan of any of these characters, then we have good news for you because we have high-quality Funko POPs of these characters in our collection.

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