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Angry Birds

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There is no doubt that the entire angry birds franchise is one of the most popular franchises of all time, and everybody loves it. The franchise has managed to expand into various sources of entertainment, including movies, video games, animated series, etc. Angry Birds started as a video game and instantly became so popular that it was adapted into a movie. The movie was an even bigger success, and it leads to a sequel.

The story of angry birds revolves around a group of multi-colored birds, and they try to save their eggs from their enemies. Various movies and games are made on angry birds, and all of them are revolving around this basic plot, and each story is equally funny and entertaining. The popularity of the entire franchise has lead to the development of various items for the fans, and the fans of this franchise include people from every age group.

We have a large collection of angry birds plush toys, backpacks, party favors, and several other things. We sell good quality stuff and when you buy from us, you don’t have to worry about the price. Our exclusive angry birds collection includes a stationary set, coloring book, party favors, jointed cutouts, napkins, lunch boxes, cups, etc. All these items are among the most popular items, and you should buy them.


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