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The Backyardigans was one of the most popular animated series that streamed on Nickelodeon. It came out at a time when musical animated series was very popular, it had a different story, and that is why it managed to gain so much popularity. It was loved by kids as well as teenagers, and even today, it has a massive fan following, which has resulted in continuous high sales of Backyardigans party supplies, favors, plush toys, and several other things.

The basic plot of the Backyardigans revolved around a group of five close friends, who imagine adventurous scenarios that result in an extraordinary imaginary journey in the backyard, and hence the name Backyardigans. The first season was very well received, and due to the popularity, the show went on for four seasons. The best part of the show was that every individual episode was in a different musical genre.

The huge demand for new Backyardigans party supplies, plush toys, is the reason why we have exclusive Backyardigans-related items like a helium rubber balloon, wooden pencil packs, cups, small and large paper, etc. All these items are of good quality, and there is a special discount too, so you don’t have to worry about the price either.


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