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Betty Boop

Betty Boop

There are very few characters who have gained as much popularity as Betty Boop. Betty Boop has been featured in around ninety cartoons in nine years. She gained so much popularity that she was featured in a lot of merchandise, as well as comic strips. Her popularity led to huge demands of Betty Boop Pops, and plush dolls. A lot of girls started collecting Betty Boop plush dolls as well as vinyl figures.

Betty Boop has been a part of various storylines, and she first appeared in Dizzy Dishes, a very popular cartoon in 1930. Since then, she was a regular member of various cartoons, and that is when she rose to fame. Throughout her appearances, she was the center of various controversies, but that had no effect on her popularity, and it even made her more popular than she was before.

There have been a lot of inquiries about Betty Boop Vinyl Figure and Plush Dolls, and we are glad to announce that we have an exclusive Betty Boop collection for you. Our wide range of Betty Boop collection includes Betty Boop and Pudgy Vinyl figure, Collectible plush doll, Betty Boop-nurse, Betty Boop-Valentine, and several other items just for fans like you.


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