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​5 Fantastic Movies To Watch If You're A Fan OF American Football

​5 Fantastic Movies To Watch If You're A Fan OF American Football

People all over America are fond of football as their favorite sport. In fact, there are plenty of animated series and movies that have been created to quench the thirst of the football fans. Here are some great theme-based football movies that every football lover cannot afford to miss. The list of best American football films begins right away-

1. Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon starred Sam J Jones and was directed by Mike hodges. The movie Was released back in 1980 as a science fiction movie. Flash gordon was loosely based on pulp adventure comic strip. The character of a football player was played by Alex Raymond who saved the earth against the impact of the evil emperor. The American football film integrates the fictional Twist which makes it pretty interesting to watch. You just cannot skip Flash Gordon when it comes to adding some of the best fiction based on American football films in a list.

2. The blindside

The blindside movie includes a very fascinating story of one homeless African-American teenager who faces the family odds and later on becomes a star football player. Indeed, the blindside Was nominated in the category of Best movies in the academy awards during 2010. The leading actress Sandra Bullock bagged a prize for Best actress in the movie. She performed the role of Leigh Anne tuohy Who adopted oher soon after his mother passed away from cancer. Even the role of oher much appreciated and quinton Aaron who played the character was nominated for best supporting actor category. He played the role in both the Main movie and the sequel.

3. Jerry Maguire

It was 1996 when the movie topped the best sports films and could hit the big screen very well. Jerry Maguire was not entirely about football but it covered plenty of parts of a professional football player. It was categorized as one of the best football movies ever made in America. The movie starred none other than Tom Cruise who always felt a lack of confidence Every job he joined. Jerry Maguire made a grossing amount of $273 million during that time. It had the highest sales worldwide and the movie was based on that legitimate story of Leigh Steinberg.

4. Invincible

The 30-year-old bartender was identified as a talented football team in his hometown. The film includes the true story of star Mark Wahlberg Who can be seen in the character of papale. Elizabeth gets to play the role of his wife named Beth whereas the role of Harvey Robinson is backed by Greg Kinnear. The movie was directed in 1995 by Ericson core.

5. The Game plan

Starring the Rock, the game plan movie included the story of a professional athlete in WWE. The role of The Rock in the movie was very comic and indulging. He has played roles in various comedy films including Jumanji, Central intelligence, and the game plan of course. The movie was released back in 2007 and was regarded as one of the best sports films of its time. It starred Johnson who played the character of a Joe Kingman. The Interesting character had to change his lifestyle to become the single father of a daughter whom he was not aware about.

The duty of a single father in the form of a character was very interesting to watch. It was pretty interesting how wealthy and carefree Joe struggled to balance his professional and personal life together for his child payton. The character of Johnson is involved in taking ballet lessons which acts as an add-on to the story of an American football player. The overall story of the game plan revolves around the NFL and football games to the core.

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