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Most Awaited Anime of Fall (October) 2023

Are you an avid anime fan eagerly anticipating the release of upcoming titles? Fall 2023 is set to be a season full of excitement with anticipations for several anticipated series from popular franchises as well as all-new projects. From time travel mysteries, fantasy adventures, and slice-of-life sagas to supernatural thrillers, here are some of the most awaited anime shows premiering this autumn!

p.s. These Anime are selected based on their Manga Popularity.

The Following are the most awaited anime of Fall 2023:

1. Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (Season 3) -

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 3 follows the story of Naofumi Iwatani, a young man who was suddenly summoned to a parallel world and thrown into an unfamiliar conflict as one of four legendary heroes. He seeks to gain power in order to protect those he holds dear, and soon finds himself entangled in a battle against overwhelming odds. With his unwavering determination as his shield, Naofumi must fight for his survival against all odds.

2. Spy x Family (Season 2) -

Corrupt politicians, frenzied nationalists, and other warmongering forces constantly jeopardize the thin veneer of peace between neighboring countries Ostania and Westalis. In spite of their plots, renowned spy and master of disguise "Twilight" fulfills dangerous missions one after another in the hope that no child will have to experience the horrors of war.

In the bustling Ostanian city of Berlint, Twilight dons the alias of "Loid Forger," an esteemed psychiatrist. However, his true intention is to gather intelligence on prominent politician Donovan Desmond, who only appears rarely in public at his sons' school: the prestigious Eden Academy. Enlisting the help of unmarried city hall clerk Yor Briar to act as his wife and adopting the curious six-year-old orphan Anya as his daughter, Loid enacts his master plan. He will enroll Anya in Eden Academy, where Loid hopes she will excel and give him the opportunity to meet Donovan without arousing suspicion.

Unfortunately for Loid, even a man of his talents has trouble playing the figure of a loving father and husband. And just like Loid is hiding his true identity, Yor—who is an underground assassin known as "Thorn Princess"—and Anya—an esper who can read people's minds—have no plans to disclose their own secrets either. Although this picture-perfect family is founded on deception, the Forgers gradually come to understand that the love they share for one another trumps all else.

3. Sousou no Frieren -

The demon king has been defeated, and the victorious hero party returns home before disbanding. The four—mage Frieren, hero Himmel, priest Heiter, and warrior Eisen—reminisce about their decade-long journey as the moment to bid each other farewell arrives. But the passing of time is different for elves, thus Frieren witnesses her companions slowly pass away one by one.

Before his death, Heiter manages to foist a young human apprentice called Fern onto Frieren. Driven by the elf's passion for collecting a myriad of magic spells, the pair embarks on a seemingly aimless journey, revisiting the places that the heroes of yore had visited. Along their travels, Frieren slowly confronts her regrets of missed opportunities to form deeper bonds with her now-deceased comrades.

4. Nanatsu no Taizai: Mokushiroku no Yonkishi -

Nanatsu no Taizai: Mokushiroku no Yonkishi brings back our beloved characters from Nanatsu no Taizai as they set out on another adventure filled with action-packed battles and unexpected twists. In this season we follow Meliodas and the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins as they try to save Britannia from destruction at the hands of an ancient dragon called Dreyfus. The stakes are high as they grapple with powerful forces beyond their control while struggling against time itself in order to save those closest to them before it's too late.

5. Kanojo mo Kanojo (Season 2)-

Kanojo mo Kanojo 2nd Season picks up where its predecessor left off, continuing its exploration of forbidden love between siblings Yuma Sakata and Kei Himezaki as they attempt to confront their feelings for one another head-on despite society’s disapproval. Yuma must now decide if she will break away from her sheltered upbringing or embrace her older brother’s affections while still maintaining her sense of self amidst all this chaos.

6. Naruto (Shinsaku Anime) -

A new anime project in celebration of Naruto's 20th anniversary.

7. Yuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai -

The Yuzuki family, which consists of four brothers, lost their parents two years ago. Hayato, the eldest son, is a hard worker and the pillar of the family. Mikoto, the second son, is calm and collected, but he has a soft spot for his younger brother Minato, whom he adores and thinks is cute. Minato, the third son, is energetic and adores his brothers, but he is clumsy and awkward. Gakuto, the fourth son, is a studious and mature first-grader who is often referred to as a "wise man." The manga depicts the four brothers' daily lives as they navigate their family, school, and community.

Source of Anime Description : MAL

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