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Animated shows and movies are arguably the best way of entertainment for kids as well as some adults who still love these things. There is no secret that kids love animated movies and tv shows, every kid is attached to animated characters, and that is why animated toys, Funko POPs are so popular. One such show is BT21, whose characters are very popular among kids and teenagers. For these people, we have a collection of exclusive BT21 toys.

BT21 has always been very popular among fans, and the animations have worked in favor of little fans. The BT21 is a group of pop culture legends, and these legends are – Prince TATA, Sleepyhead KOYA, Foodie RJ, Prankster SHOOKY, Brilliant Dancer MANG, Brawny COOKY, Space Robot VAN, and the Lovely CHIMMY. These characters are some of the most popular characters of all time, and they all have become a sensation on-screen and off-screen.

We know how much these characters mean to their fans, and that is why we have a collection of amazing and best BT21 characters toys and Funko POPs. Our collection of these Funko POPs and more consists of favorite characters like COOKY, TATA, CHIMMY. So, if you are looking to buy toys of these characters for yourself or your kids, then hurry up before they go out of stock.


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