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Care Bears

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As a kid, everyone used to love bears, and bears were the best friend of every kid. There were a lot of brands that used to manufacture character bears for kids and teenagers. These brands earned widespread popularity because of the high demands of character bears among kids. One such brand was Care Bears, and it is no overselling to say that it is still very popular.

Care Bears first introduced a group of multi-colored bears in the year 1981, and they instantly became popular. However, in the year 1983, these bears were turned into teddy bears, and it only helped in increasing their popularity. They were so popular that they appeared in various animated series, and that is how every kid started knowing them. These Tv series have helped care bears be recognized by millennial kids and teenagers.

We at party toyz, try to maintain the legacy of care bears by selling good quality care bears plush toys. These plush toys are very popular, and along with them, we also sell good quality invitations as well as coloring and activity books. So, if you have a kid who is also a fan, then start shopping before these items go out of stock.


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