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There have been very few animated gaming series that has gained widespread popularity in recent years, and Castlevania is one such series. Over the years, it has achieved a cult series, and that is the reason why it was adapted into animated television series. The television series gained as much popularity as the video games series. It also has several comic book series and spin-off video games. This is enough to tell anyone how popular Castlevania is.

The story of this series is the biggest reason behind the popularity of this entire franchise. The story was one of its kind, and kids, as well as adults, liked it very much. The story was set in a fantasy world, and that is the genre that interests kids and adults the most. When this genre has vampires and Dracula in it, then it is the best thing for every kid.

It is no secret that Castlevania funko POPs are fan favorites, and they are sold in huge quantities every year. Keeping that in mind, we also have a range of new Castlevania funko POPs, that the fans will definitely love. So, start choosing your favorite funko POPs before they go out of stock, and you have to wait for a while.


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