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Cookie Monster

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There are a handful of kids who did not watch Sesame Street while growing up, and that is enough to tell you how popular it was. The main reason behind the popularity of this show was its amazing characters. All the characters in this show gained widespread acclaim, and they are very popular among kids and teenagers, even today. There were many great characters in the show, and one of them was Cookie Monster.

One of the most famous Muppet characters on the show as well as in general, Cookie Monster was very popular mostly because of his hilarious eating catchphrases, and appetite. This is no rocket science that the favorite food of the Cookie Monster was cookies, even though he used to eat anything and everything irrespective of the fact that most of them were inedible. However, he still made people aware of the benefits of eating healthy items, and that is why the kids love him. 

We would also like kids and teenagers to maintain their love for Cookie monster, and that is why we have a range of Cookie Monster Plush toys, take along plush. You can buy these items at a very reasonable price from our website.


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