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Corpse Bride Funko POPs

Corpse Bride was one of the most popular animated movies of its time. The movie was so well made that it got nominated for an academy award. Due to its popularity, Corpse Bride Funko POPs were released in the market and they received acclaim and popularity as well. Even though the movie was released more than a decade ago, the popularity is still the same, and that is the reason why the Funko POPs are still so popular. 

The story of Corpse Bride revolves around victor and Victoria who are about to get married. But when he is practicing his vows near a tree in the jungle, he is taken to the land of the dead by a branch of that same tree. The entire story revolves around victor’s escape from the land, and Victoria’s marriage with the villain of the movie, Barkis Bittern. 

The story had supernatural elements along with an incredible voice cast, and that’s why it was loved by all especially kids. Keeping the popularity of this movie and Corpse Bride in mind, we regularly update our Corpse Bride Funko POPs collection so that the kids who like corpse brides can collect the latest corpse bride Funko POPs. 

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