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Evangelion Funko POPs, Figurines, and More

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Evangelion is one of the most popular Japanese TV series, and it has received huge critical acclaim over the years. It first aired in 1995, and after 25 years, it still has a lot of fans. The critical acclaim and fan following resulted in Evangelion movies. The first film, which was released in March 1997 showed clips of episodes of the Tv series and 30 minutes of a fresh and new ending. The second part was released in July 1997, and the storyline was about the last two episodes and their retelling.

The story revolves around Shinji, whose father recruits him in an organization called nerve, where he is given the responsibility of piloting a machine, which is called Evangelion. This machine is used to fight with aliens called “angels” who are worthy of destroying the entire race. The rest of the story follows the journey of these pilots, including Shinji, and their fight with angels. Both the television series and movies revolve around the same plot.

The fans of this franchise have developed an attachment with all the characters, especially Evangelion. Keeping that in mind, we have an entire collection of the Evangelion Funko POPs as well as figurines. These Funko POPs are very popular, and they are always in demand. We sell quality Funko POPs and figurines at a very reasonable price.

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