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Funko POP Rocks

Funko POP Rocks

Funko Pop Rocks is a pop line that immortalizes artists who have left their mark and helped shape the music world. Whether you prefer oldies, classic rock, reggae, punk rock, rap, or something in between, this line has it all.  

The love and respect people have for their favorite music artists is unimaginable, and that has helped us in introducing Funko POP rocks. Our collection of these Funko POPs includes figurines of various music artists that have had a positive impact on billions of people across the globe. Our collection includes artists from every era as well as genre, and this helps people in buying the figurines of their favorite artists from every and all eras.


In last few decades and years, these artists have had a lot of impact on many peoples as well as the society. Whatever these artists used to wear, became a trend. Their songs became sensations, they gained a lot of popularity, and even the background artists became popular too. A large section of people has idolized them, and they still do. The impact these artists have on people can be seen in new artist’s work too.


That is the reason why we started selling a line of Funko POPs of these artists. We have a large collection of Funko POPs that includes some phenomenal artists like Selena Gomez, Lil Wayne, Tupac Shakur, Kerry King, Pepa, and many other artists. So, if you are also a big fan of these artists and want to add their Funko POPs to your collection, then we are here for you.



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