Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

Animated movies have made a huge impact in terms of entertainment, and that is the reason why they are loved a lot by people from different age groups. Hotel Transylvania is one of those very few movies, and it has been appreciated by everyone because of its storyline, characters, comic elements, and visuals. The popularity of this movie was the reason why it was changed into a franchise. Three hotel Transylvania movies have been released, and the fourth one is round the corner too. 

The movie revolves around Count Dracula who owns a hotel where all the monsters can stay, and there is no human being allowed in the hotel. However, a 21-year-old kid enters the hotel and falls in love with the daughter of Count Dracula. The rest of the movie follows all the three characters, and how they deal with the situation. 

The three main characters in this movie received a lot of praise, and that is why Hotel Transylvania merchandise received a great response from fans. Even after years of its release, Hotel Transylvania Funko POPs and party supplies are in huge demand, and if you are one of the millions who are looking for these products, then scroll down because we have a lot of amazing products in store for you.

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