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Sitcoms are always loved by people if they are made right. However, there was a time when every sitcom usually catered to an adult audience, and that is why there was a huge need for teen sitcoms, which can be watched by teenagers. iCarly was one such teen sitcom, which was instantly liked by teenagers for its comedy, characters, and story. The first season of iCarly premiered in 2007, and it ran for six seasons, ending in 2012. 

The story revolves around Carly Shay who creates her own web show, with the help of her friends. Rest of the series revolves around her, and what happens in her web show. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, this show was well received by the audience, and the episodes of this series were among the most watched episodes on Nickelodeon. The popularity of the series, and the characters resulted in sales of iCarly party supplies, and Funko POPs. 

We were overwhelmed when we received inquiries about new iCarly Funko POPs, as well as party supplies, and that is why we have an exciting range of iCarly products for you. Our range of products include backpacks, napkins, cups, plates, lunchboxes, and zippers among several other products.

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