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Ichiban Kuji figurines by Banpresto

Ichiban Kuji is a lottery handled every month by Banpresto.  To participate to the lottery and maybe win items, you must buy ¥500 tickets in Japanese convenience stores (also called combini) or toy stores like Jump stores.  Premium sessions may call for ¥800 to ¥1,000 priced tickets instead.  Generally, one store gets a pool of lots, containing a total of 100 lots with their accompanying ¥500 tickets.  Some stores actually even allow people to pre-order a whole pool for the regular wholesale price of ¥50,000.  The quantity of each prize is fixed by Banpresto for one pool.  Nevertheless, items can generally be bought directly in combini and specialized shops after a short while.  Ichiban Kuji literally means The n°1 Lottery, or more explicitly The Best Lottery.

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