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Horror movies and tv series have always received special love from fans of this genre. When horror movies are made correctly, when they have great characters, gripping storyline, and terrifying visuals, only then they receive extraordinary reception. It is safe to say that the IT franchise has all these things, and this franchise has achieved cult status because of that. The first IT movie was so popular that the makers changed it into a franchise. 

The basic plot of this movie revolves around a group of kids who went on a journey to fight a shape-shifting evil who comes out of the sewer every 27 years. The movie follows those kids and their fight with the evil who is known as Pennywise. Pennywise was very popular among kids, and that is why there is a huge demand for exclusive Pennywise Funko POPs, and several other IT products. 

The IT party supplies are also very popular among kids and teenagers. We have a good collection of Pennywise Funko POPs, along with IT movie backpacks. The products we sell are made of quality material, and that is why they are long-lasting. So, don’t think too much, and start selecting your favorite item from the list below.

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