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Little Mermaid

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There is no doubt that the Little Mermaid is one of the most beautiful fantasy musical films ever made. The film was visually stunning and it received critical acclaim and love from critics and fans respectively. The primary reason behind the success of this movie was the unique storytelling along with the great characters. Movie lovers have never seen anything like this before, and that is why it was a phenomenon on the box office. 

The story of this beautiful movie revolves around princess Ariel who is a mermaid, and she always has a dream of becoming a human. Later on in the movie, she falls in love with human prince Eric, and the rest of the story revolves around these two characters and princess’s dream of becoming a human.

Once the movie came out, the primary characters became very popular, and their popularity resulted in huge sales of the merchandise. Princess Ariel was the biggest character of all, and she was the favorite of both boys and girls. Even today, she is one of the most popular characters,and if you are a fan, then you can scroll down and buy your favorite and exclusive little mermaid products like backpacks, balloons, and other party supplies.

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