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Monsters University

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There is no doubt that Monster University is one of the best animated movies of all time, and it has become a favorite of everyone who has watched it. It is the first prequel made by Pixar, and till date it remains the only prequel ever made by the production house. Monster University is a prequel to Monster Inc. and it has become more successful and popular than the previous one. 

It came out in 2013, and shortly after the release, it became one of the highest grossing prequels as well as one of the highest grossing animated movies of all time. Such was the craze of this movie, and the characters also received widespread critical acclaim. The actors who voiced these characters also received appreciation from critics and fans alike. 

The popularity of these characters is evident in the sales of Monster University Funko POPs, plush toys,  party supplies and party favors. These products are sold in huge quantities every year, and the large part of the customers includes teenagers and kids. We have quite a collection of these products, and not only do we sell them at a reasonable price, we also sell only good quality products, as we feel that the fans deserve best.

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