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Venom Funko POPs, Toys and more

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     In 1982, Marvel asked readers to send in ideas for its comics, and a fan named Randy Schueller wanted to give Spider-Man a new black costume made of unstable molecules.  Marvel ended up paying Scheuller $220 for the basic idea, and one year later Spidey appeared in a black costume.  According to artist John Byrne, the fledgling idea that would eventually become Venom began much earlier, as a solution to a simple problem concerning superhero costumes.  It happens in movies, television shows, and in comic books: Superheroes have a huge fight and their precious uniforms emerge as torn up as the heroes wearing them.  But in the next installment, those uniforms are back and good as new.  In 2018, Funko took the same black costume and applied it to some of their most popular Marvel characters and voila the Venomized line appeared.  Just who will be venomized next?

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