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WCF World Collectable Figurines

WCF World Collectable Figurines

World Collectable Figures or WCF for short, are a series produced by Banpresto, and seems to be focused on worldwide well-known animated series.

This figure series represents each character as a figure of about 2.8 Inches tall.
Despite the small format, character rendering is of higher quality than other regular SD figure series, partly due to the fact that it does not obey the regular SD rule of a head-body ratio of 1:3, but chose a more "realistic" scaling of 1:4.
They also aren't produced with scaling in mind as every adult is 7 cm tall and children or little characters are about 5 cm tall, regardless of their actual sizes.
Each animated series is broken into several parts of 8 figure sets.
The very first introduction of One Piece WCF in November 2009 came with One Piece Strong World (6 parts), the 10th theatrical movie of One Piece, and then the figure series went on with the regular One Piece series and some special issues.
Each figure has a matricule, formatted as an ID of 2 letters followed by a number.

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